New Jersey’s Top 10 Music Venues

For my first official podcast, I wanted to cover a topic that is important to any music fan in New Jersey. Which is: what are some of the best venues the Garden State has to offer? I didn’t want to include major arenas and stadiums like Metlife Stadium or PNC Bank Arts Center. Not that there’s anything wrong with them — I just wanted to talk about venues that host more underground, less well-known artists. I’ve been to all of the venues on this list (I didn’t want to just google “the best venues in New Jersey”, that’s why I’m making this list in the first place!), so most of my knowledge is firsthand, with the exception of some fun facts about the venues like when they were built or their capacity. In doing my research, I actually learned a lot about most of these venues, with some things I didn’t have time to mention in the podcast but are still really fascinating!
I wanted to provide a brief but well-rounded description for each venue – instead of just saying whether I liked a venue or not, I wanted to talk about their history, their significance in their towns, and what important artists have played there over the years. Listeners can hopefully get a pretty good idea of what a venue is like as well as the kind of music they can expect to see in each one. I initially tried to rank these venues, but they’re all so different and I honestly like all of them. So, I decided to instead just list them all in no particular order.
Recording the podcast itself was surprisingly simple and easy. I recorded it using Audacity, and I’ve played with Audacity in the past, but I got real hands-on experience with it a few weeks ago when I recorded the podcast intro. The only thing I really felt I had to do was increase the volume of the voice track, since it came out a little lower than the volume of the intro. The hardest thing I encountered in the entire process was finding a quiet place to record!




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Credit: Aaron Houston, The Star-Ledger

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