Podcast Introduction

I had a lot of fun playing around with Audacity making my podcast introduction. I’ve used Audacity and Adobe Audition before for editing, but I had never recorded my own clip before.

Podcasts first became popular over ten years ago, but I think they’re still valuable both personally and professionally. From podcasts on current events, different hobbies, films, music, or even investigative journalism such as Serial, I think there’s a podcast out there for every interest. They’re easy to listen to when working or commuting and allow you to multitask when listening.

I wanted to make an intro that wasn’t too long or boring, but at the same time had enough information to tell listeners what the podcast and site are all about. I started out by writing a script. Then I used the website freemusicarchive.org to find a free music clip I could use as background music. I listened to a couple dozen clips until I found one I thought would fit the best. I looked for a song that was instrumental, fit in with the style of music this site covers, and one that had a sound I thought most people would like. I first uploaded the track into Audacity and then cut it down to a 30-second clip. Then, I muted the audio and recorded my voiceover. To keep the music from drowning out my voice, I increased the volume on my voice track and then used the auto duck effect on the music. I then used the fade in and fade out effects to create a 3-second intro and outtro on the track. I then normalized it, which helped balance out some of the jumps between quiet and loud. That was it! I didn’t think making it would be so simple.


Artist: Jahzzar

Song: “Out of School”

Album: Traveller’s Guide

Source: freemusicarchive.org



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